Silencing the mind and Staying positive

Feeling Irritable? Tension and Unhappiness?

If you are experiencing what everyone refers to as PMS, Premenstrual Syndrome. Well I’m sorry you’re suffering it too but let me remind you that you are strong person and that men never experience this, so they don’t know how to carry this pain, control ourselves and still work, take care of our children, and still be able to wash clothes and do housework in our entire days before our actual period

It is said that in our modern time, that the abbreviation is used frequently in English-speaking countries according to Wikipedia. My only question is how much of the men in our life actually understands what we women go through?

I am fine with my work but when you work in a man’s world, and spending more than 9 hours a day with guys who are younger than you, it is actually fun and torture at the same time.

First is talking to them is like talking to a bunch of 12 years old, all you get are jokes and you rarely get a serious answer. So I keep requesting my employer to hire someone a little older that I can relate with.

A few months ago, I went to work and I was experiencing PMS. I got to my table and sat resting then my work husband started flirting with me and bantering with me but the problem is I wasn’t in the mood. So we ended up in a fight that day but like we always do, we made up the next day.

Yeah, he’s my work husband because we have a really good chemistry but apart from that nothing, no serious conversion.

Of course sometimes they are capable of surprising you too. It was lunch and my work husband and I met and he noticed that I bought my pad. He was trying to grab it from my hands but I was fast so he didn’t see it. Then he said “Oh I know what that is, I keep seeing it from my mom and my sister”. Whew! Thank God for mom’s and sister’s existence in his life.

Guys in my work are so young that I always end up being the understanding one all the time. It actually makes me lonely sometimes because it’s hard when you there’s no other girl at work to talk to. I have to keep to myself. It makes me miss my best friend like hell but her schedule at work is the opposite of mine. I’m so tired and exhausted, I don’t have time to meet anyone or even go to the mall for that matter.

So it makes me wonder if a relationship with a guy like him would work, maybe it will if he’s older and more mature because I’m older than him.

And the last guy I’ve fallen for can be described as a decade older than me.

Somehow it also reminds me of the show, NCIS Los Angeles character Deeks. I certainly applaud Kensi to have the patience to spend some time with Deeks because my work husband is very much like Deeks. I used to wish to meet someone and fall for a guy who is similar to my personality because I know and I am very confident that I can handle it but I was wrong.

Ever since meeting my work husband five months ago, I was blown away and he makes me insane. He doesn’t have my personality I think but we have similarities so I’ve taken back what I said that I don’t wanna fall for a guy who’s got my best friend’s personality. I am succumbing to the fact that there’s no one else I rather be friends with, there’s no one else I rather fall for, and there’s no one I rather spend the rest of my life with than with a guy who’s got my best friend’s personality unfortunately.

It is unfortunate because this guy’s personality is stronger than mine and he’s got a control over me that I refuse to give but whether I like it or not, it is something I will succumb to all the time if he doesn’t stop annoying me.

I know that it is a cycle of life that we don’t really end up with the people we set on for, we usually end up with the people we least think were ever going to love and someone opposite than us.

Well, that’s what happen to me, I fell for a guy I promise myself I never wanted to end up with years ago.

Okay, so now that our conversation took off on its own, let’s go back to the real topic.

How to get through the day of PMS? It’s easy, be happy about the things that makes you happy, little things and big things. There are not really little when you think of them but sometimes I know they feel little compared to some of the things you really wanted in your life.

Remind yourself what it is. As for me, every time I am down, I remind myself of what I’ve been through and what I’ve accomplished last year.

I have a long way to go to the end of the rainbow but I know it will come. I trust God with all my heart that it will come at the right place and time. I just have to be patient and hang in here. Don’t get angry. Don’t get mad.

According to Carolyn Myss, “The soul always know what to do to heal itself, the challenge is to silence the mind.”

It makes a lot of sense to me so rather than letting your mind get to you, let’s practice silencing the mind and staying positive no matter what.

I’m positive. I believe. I had taken that blessing from God that He will give it to me.


I am Lovesick

I grew up as a child with no allergies but just the symptoms of my Meniere’s disease which are intense migraine and heartburn from being acidic.

My mom has a very fair complexion that I grew up envying because I may be fair but not that fair. She could be white as snow and her skin is flawless but there’s a catch. My mom has allergies for as long as she lives. She’s not allowed to eat almost everything so she doesn’t have a choice but to eat and have her medications everyday. I even see her injecting those antihistamines and steroids in her skin. She is a nurse by the way.

This year is been a lucky and miraculous year to me. It is this year that I promised myself last year that I will move on for good from my great love.

I don’t know why but maybe stress has something to do with it developing but I started to have sensitive skin. At first I called it my lovesick symptoms, my love bites, because as I mentioned before I told myself that I’m going to move on from him this year and it really started this year as well, so yeah.

Also I forgot to mention that my Aunt also has a sensitive skin. She’s allergic in many things and if you live with her, you will see her putting ointments most of the time. Now, she’s cured because her dermatologist gave her good medications and soap and lotion to use.

Months later that lovesick of mine or my love bites had started to get worst and I now have to carry antihistamines wherever I go. Well it seems that my condition has worsened because right now I have my second attack of my lovesick symptoms or as the internet would call Skin Asthma. Thanks my loving Aunt she gave me her ointment that works well with my love bites and antihistamines to drink at night and in the morning.

It’s funny and irritating how my Aunt reacted to my skin allergy. I thought she’s so squeamish, of course when I myself on the mirror, that’s when I realized that I actually look worse. I ought to post a picture but I don’t want to ruin your appetite. Just picture me as one of the Dalmatians. My block spots are red spots instead. I also decided to go to work which is a bad idea because I feel really itchy and sleepy right now from the medication. I mean the itchiness curved to a slight disturbance but my medication has a drowsiness effect. So when I get home, I plan to have an Oatmeal bath, and then apply some pure glycerin if I get to buy one.

I feel really uncomfortable right now and I want to sleep.

No worries OK? Cause I feel great and happy about myself because I’ve been blessed with 3 things I’ve been waiting for a long time. Maybe I don’t have my great love but at least I have those three things. I know for sure that God has a plan to me to give me my right one and we’ll be together permanently for good.