Ways that make me extremely Happy! Know Yours too!


For those who’s going to read this today, I have an assignment for yourself and that is to conjure things in your life that will make you happy everyday that nothing and nobody can put you down.

When I say conjure I’m referring to anything true and real for you. It could be a person, a memory, a proof, a sign, a habit, a hobby, a thought, your religion and write it in a piece of paper or save it in your phone where you can see it everyday to remind you.

You’re not obligated to do this, but I did this, and it’s working really good for me, you should try it too.

According to this article, The Habits of Supremely Happy People, Martin Seligman, the father of positive psychology, theorizes that while 60 percent of happiness is determined by our genetics and environment, the remaining 40 percent is up to us.

As I am just recovering from the most painful heartbreak I’ve ever felt before, I actually promised myself last year that at the start of this year, I’m going to move, be strong, and be happy.

I am going to admit that I’ve come a long way because God gave back some things in my life that I’ve given up years ago, some of the reasons that makes me happy.

So to not make this post longer and boring for everyone, I am going to list things below the things that make me so happy everyday and really confident about myself, my life, and my future.

Of course there are days that bad or negative things will get to you but because of these things, I can bounce back easily from sad and depress for a while to being happy and confident again that everything will be fine.

GOD: Since I was a little girl I’ve always believe in God and I always believe that you can have anything as long as you put your everything, and your heart into getting them. I’ve been through a lot and now, I realized that God will give you the best things in life and what you want and need at the right place and time including the challenges and trials you encounter in life. For always, everything happens for a reason.

FAMILY & FRIENDS: Just like everyone, we all get tired sometimes of our family’s way of treating us while raising us and some of our friends negative attitudes that hurt us, but in the end, I wouldn’t want them to disappear from my life. My family and friends have things in common, their personality, it’s stronger than mine, and it shaped me to this very hard and beautiful diamond to be able to get through the naysayers and negative people who tries to let me down.

VERY FEW GUYS: You made stronger. You made me learn things about myself and know the kind of guy I should settle down with and you also made me grow up, mature, strive harder, and become the best person that I can be.

PROOF: I don’t know how to explain this but let me summarize and make simple for everyone. I was planning on putting KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE here because that’s what they are. The knowledge and experienced I’ve gathered in my everyday life gave me an unbreakable proof, signs, confirmation and blessings from God, researched and scientific based proof that eventually I’m going to receive the most important thing that I want and need out of this life, so even if it’s not yet here, Thank you because it feels like it’s already here. I know its close. I know its coming. So I thank God so much for this blessing especially. Everything that happened has come to this.

WRITING: You are my therapy, my expression, the path who led me to one of the best things that ever happened to me, meeting that one person who will open your eyes and change your life always for the better.

SINGING: Words are not enough to describe just how much singing makes me happy. All I know is every time I am singing, I feel so high, floating in the sky and I forget all my problems, gives me perspectives and even resolution.

PIANO: I’m forever grateful that I was given an opportunity to learn the piano, even though I didn’t appreciate you before as much as I did now. I’m glad I made the decision not to let go of my skill all these years. I can still play and when I play, it makes my heart burst with happiness and I’m also able to touch someone else’s heart as well.

DANCING: It started with Ballet when I was a little girl. I regretted giving it up because if I didn’t I could have danced my way to dancing schools and get scholarships according to my teacher. At least when I got into high school, I’m able to learn other kinds of dance: hip hop, and ballroom. And now, I’m still doing it as a workout: Zumba, and Barre.

This is me celebrating life. XD

Read the full article here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/16/happiness-habits-of-exuberant-human-beings_n_3909772.html

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Singing: Big Part of Me

It never occurred to me how singing is not just an important part of my life, it is a very big part of me.

According to my mother, I’ve been singing since I was four years old. I usually sing and dance with my cousin as an amusement to our family members and that I’ve even sung during my school application when I was seven years old.

I wouldn’t say I have the voice of an angel or a diva but I can sing. I used to feel so envious of one of my classmate in high school because her voice is so high and beautiful. I wanted to be like desperately so when I was ten years old, I told my mother to enroll me on voice lessons. She didn’t, instead she enrolled me on piano lessons, which is the beginning of my hatred and bad memories of the piano. Don’t worry, I got over that and I’m not mad of the piano anymore. It just makes me sad every time I remember it.

In my final year in high school, finally I was able to join the choir. It’s one of the best and worst experiences of my life, because some of the choir members are bullies and makes fun of me.

Brings me to think of “Glee”, it is a place where you are free to be who you are and get a chance to be heard. I had my chance to shine when our choir moderator made me assist her sometimes in teaching some of our choir members are Alto voices because I can play the piano. It was nice but it wasn’t really how I wanted to shine. It pissed me off a little because again, I’m given a job as a pianist and not really as a singer. I want to sing, not play the piano! That was my mantra for a long time. Singing is one of the things that made me happy.

As I got into college, I was given another opportunity to join the choir. It’s one of the best things that happened to me because that’s where I met my close friends in College. It was short lived because our seniors got busy with school and some of them graduated. At least we spent and enjoyed a lot of time together.

Years later, I was given another chance to have some reintroducing with singing again. We we’re given basic singing lessons that improved my vocal control, and developed my vocal range. I’m so happy and proud that I can sing notes I can’t hit before. Another unexpected thing that happened to me is that my new choir members voted me the leader of the choir. I have yet to learn how to manage a choir but I am very much willing to manage and help them the best way I can.

I mentioned before that I have bronchitis for almost two weeks now, so I stopped singing for two weeks. Right now, I feel desperate to get well because yesterday I wasn’t able to served on the church. I really want to sing badly. I miss singing badly. I’m so grateful for the chance God had given me. I’m so happy he returned singing into my life.

And right now, it’s one of the things really cheering me up, making me confident about myself, making me happy, and giving me hope for the future.

I discovered days ago that you can become a music therapist, to help people with your singing. I wanna try that. Maybe when I get the chance, I will try to study that to be able to help people but right now, my focus is my choir members.