Motivation Drives US

Writing my first draft has been a slow process to me but it’s going.

So today I ask myself, what should I do to bring back the confidence I have in writing from the start this first in a different format.

Writing this before as a novel is actually an exciting, moving process for me. I don’t have a writer’s block, I’m just not feeling inspired. I’m not depress, I just feel sad. Anyway enough making excuses, it’s time to motivate myself.

Before I decided ┬áto move on from this guy, I’m so confident that we’re meant to be because all the signs point to him, all evidence, science, logic, and even God’s signs. I am now moving on, I feel great about myself. I don’t think less of myself because I know my personality, my sign, my strengths and my weaknesses. Now that I have moved on at one point, I will admit that all those signs still points to him. So why am I not confident anymore?

It’s easy, because I’ve let the past get to me. I need to learn to ignore it and focus myself on the positive things and those positive signs. Yes, I’m moving on and at one point had moved on, but those signs gives me security, assurance, and confidence for the future that God has plans for me or is holding something for me at the end of the line.

I feel fired up and excited because those signs serves as evidence to me. They are studied, recorded, categorized, and even other people served as witnesses of those signs being true. Those people are my allies and boost to my confidence.

So by the end of the day, I’m expecting to finish at least 7 pages of my draft, and then I’m 110 pages to go. I am again excited, confident, proud, and happy about myself.

I just want to say now that I can’t wait to meet my Robin Hood. I know Marian is a strong character but I believe that in the first few stories, she’s actually portrayed as a damsel in distress that needs saving all the time.

I’m strong, I always believed that I don’t need saving because I can take care of myself just fine. In fact I save people all the time from themselves, and their problems and I’m not a damsel in distress but it would be nice to be saved once in a while.

Wish me luck! If you have problems, ask me and I’ll do my best to help and support.


There is nothin…

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.
– Ernest Hemingway

One of the tips I’ve got from writing years ago is that don’t wait for the inspiration to come to write.

Instead learn to court your muse. Push yourself to write anytime and anywhere, and in the end you will be able to train your mind to create ideas anytime and anywhere.

Months ago, there was a day where I planned to write a chapter for the novel I was working on, it was a very happy chapter, well it wasn’t a happy ending chapter but the chapter is more like a revelation. I made that planned the night before.

The next day, it turned out to be one of those days where everything gets to you, where you get reminded of everything painful, so during that day, I felt so brokenhearted.

What I did, is pushed myself to write that chapter. I made it but it was very painful. I was crying even while I was writing that happy chapter. I was proud of myself that day. It also made me realize that it is possible and that when you use your emotions or something painful and convert it to writing, it brings out good results.

In the past, when I get angry, all I do is write to my friend, and then the anger disappears or if not, I just write. Writing is a therapy to me.

Now, my other trial in writing is my first draft which I mentioned from my previous post, I’ve been writing it for months but I’m adapting it to another format. I have the characters, the outline, and the story. I realized that it’s the kind of writing I’m really passionate about since I read a lot of stories in that format since in grade school. I’m also incorporating some changes on the story. It reminds me of something very personal and painful. After all some of the things we write come from our experiences. It’s different from my experience but some how has similarities too.

Now I fully understand what Mr. Ernest Hemingway means.