I am Lovesick

I grew up as a child with no allergies but just the symptoms of my Meniere’s disease which are intense migraine and heartburn from being acidic.

My mom has a very fair complexion that I grew up envying because I may be fair but not that fair. She could be white as snow and her skin is flawless but there’s a catch. My mom has allergies for as long as she lives. She’s not allowed to eat almost everything so she doesn’t have a choice but to eat and have her medications everyday. I even see her injecting those antihistamines and steroids in her skin. She is a nurse by the way.

This year is been a lucky and miraculous year to me. It is this year that I promised myself last year that I will move on for good from my great love.

I don’t know why but maybe stress has something to do with it developing but I started to have sensitive skin. At first I called it my lovesick symptoms, my love bites, because as I mentioned before I told myself that I’m going to move on from him this year and it really started this year as well, so yeah.

Also I forgot to mention that my Aunt also has a sensitive skin. She’s allergic in many things and if you live with her, you will see her putting ointments most of the time. Now, she’s cured because her dermatologist gave her good medications and soap and lotion to use.

Months later that lovesick of mine or my love bites had started to get worst and I now have to carry antihistamines wherever I go. Well it seems that my condition has worsened because right now I have my second attack of my lovesick symptoms or as the internet would call Skin Asthma. Thanks my loving Aunt she gave me her ointment that works well with my love bites and antihistamines to drink at night and in the morning.

It’s funny and irritating how my Aunt reacted to my skin allergy. I thought she’s so squeamish, of course when I myself on the mirror, that’s when I realized that I actually look worse. I ought to post a picture but I don’t want to ruin your appetite. Just picture me as one of the Dalmatians. My block spots are red spots instead. I also decided to go to work which is a bad idea because I feel really itchy and sleepy right now from the medication. I mean the itchiness curved to a slight disturbance but my medication has a drowsiness effect. So when I get home, I plan to have an Oatmeal bath, and then apply some pure glycerin if I get to buy one.

I feel really uncomfortable right now and I want to sleep.

No worries OK? Cause I feel great and happy about myself because I’ve been blessed with 3 things I’ve been waiting for a long time. Maybe I don’t have my great love but at least I have those three things. I know for sure that God has a plan to me to give me my right one and we’ll be together permanently for good.